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Laposa’s new poster inspired by The Busy World of Richard Scarry

The team of Badacsonytomaj-based Hableány doesn’t dawdle when it comes to exciting publications. This time, they captured the busy everydays of the wine bar condensed into a single drawing.

We have already covered the champagne guide of Laposa Birtok some time ago, allowing those interested to learn about the process of champagne making. And now another important unit of Laposa Gasztrobirtok, Hableány wine bar opened last year came into the spotlight, this time in the form of a poster. 

They wanted to portray the various functions of the building (winery, bistro, wine shop, exhibition space) as graphically as possible, so Dóri Budavári, Laposa Birtok’s head of marketing took a pencil and a paper and started dawing once again: “I had a vision of a building cut in half and since I have always been a fan of the graphics of The Busy World of Richard Scarry, I wanted to pursue this direction. Luckily the rest of the marketing team, Zsófi Laposa and Dominika Rácz also got on board instantly.”

The completed drawing is half real, half fictitious, and includes all elements that make up the spaces of Hableány: it allows us to walk through the entire building from the cellar through the bottler to the large terrace. Even though the center of the estate is Hableány, the other units (frissTerasz, Laposa Birtok, Szőlőhegy Bisztró) also got a place on the print. The poster was once again designed by Brandart. 

You should look for the foldable print in Laposa’s summer-fall publication, available at the units of Laposa Gasztrobirtok.

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