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Las Vegas will give home to the first gamer hotel

The mecca of vintage arcade-fans is about to be built in Las Vegas: the first Atari Hotel will look just the way we imagined the future back in the eighties.

Experience a world where video games come to life. Where everyone can be anyone, and we make the unreal, real – says the website of Atari Hotel developed by GSD Group in Las Vegas. According to the visualizations released, a gigantic and futuristic building is on the way, built based on the designs of architect studio Gensler.

Of course visitors will not only get to sleep in the hotel, on the contrary: it will rather resemble a giant arcade, where the latest VR and AR developments will make every gamer’s dreams come true – provided this is what we consider reality. In addition to the interiors, lounges, restaurants and rooms stimulating all senses, we find no information in the vision of the hotel that would pertain to sustainability or the use of renewable energy resources whatsoever. Thus, even though Atari fully matches the ideas we had back in the eighties, it doesn’t even come near to the vision we have about the future today.

Source: Uncrate

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