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Living on the edge | Clifftop houses

Clifftop houses rising to the sky above nothing or the wild waves of the ocean – here are some houses designed into quite extreme environments, allowing the dwellers to get an extra dosage of adrenaline even during their everyday life. 

The expression “living on the edge” has never been more accurate than in the case of these homes. The houses defying gravity were designed on the edge of cliffs – so far all of them exist only on visualizations. The selection was inspired by Ukrainian architecture studio Yakusha Design’s floating glass cabin, which became world-famous with its 270 degree panorama.

Air Cabin, Yakusha Design

The house concept of Ukrainian design and architecture studio Yakusha was conceived for an imaginary surfer. The would-be owners would get a perfect view over the waves from the glass cabin attached to a concrete pillar.

Casa Brutale, OPA

Dutch design studio OPA unveiled its jaw-dropping design back in 2016, which proved to be so popular that a client placed an order for it. Construction works started in 2017 in Lebanon allegedly, however there have been no updates on the project since then.

Cliff House, Modscape

The Australian company specialized in prefab houses designed a house clinging to the side of a cliff five levels above the sea. The dwellers would enter from the upper level, and then use an elevator down to the home’s lower spaces.

Icelandic house, Alex Hogrefe

Alex Hogrefe’s concept for a home embedded in the rocky landscape of Iceland was originally created for a rendering tutorial. The concrete structure would offer fantastic views over the northern waters, while the interiors would be dominated by mid-century style – if the house was built, of course.

Source: The Spaces

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