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Meet the robot dog helping out architects

The four-legged machine was put to use by London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners to oversee the construction of the complex to replace the former Battersea Power Station.

Named Spot, the robot dog can freely move in the half-completed building, even on uneven ground. The futuristic four-legged robot was designed and developed by Boston Dynamics, in cooperation with the developers’ team of London-based architecture studio Foster + Partners

After scanning, the remote controlled machine sends the relevant information to the colleagues of Foster + Partners, thus providing them with quality data in real time, and thus allowing them to “build” the digital twin model of the project. In addition, the useful robot dog can also carry up to 14 kilograms of equipment.

According to the plans, the complex built to replace the former coal-fired power plant will include apartments, a hotel and an Apple headquarters. 

Source: dezeen.com

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