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Microplastic menu | Sweet Sneak Studio

Sushi wrapped in grocery bags, beer frothing with Styrofoam bubbles and crumpled coffee cup-plastic lids instead of sardines. The everything but appetizing photo series of Danish food design studio Sweet Sneak and photographer Morten Bentzon draws the attention to plastic pollution.

Recently it has become more and more obvious that we are living in the era of a plastic crisis. It may sound scary, but microplastics surround us and have become virtually unavoidable in every field of life: they are part of natural ecosystems, waters, oceans and our food, too.

But what are microplastics? It’s a known fact that plastic does not degrade biologically, but is broken up into smaller pieces by environmental impacts – these tiny fibers and pieces smaller than five millimeters are what we call microplastics.

Sweet Sneak Studio presents how the plastics we use in our everyday life reenter the food chain, at the same time drawing attention to the fact that this problem does not only affect sea life. “Eventually, microplastics move all the way up to the top of the food chain and end up on our plates” – the studio said. The eight photos present eight types of food that are more likely to contain microplastics. 

The effect of microplastics on our health and the human body is not fully explored yet, but we can all agree that plastic waste damages our environment severely. The first step we can do is try to reduce the use of plastic in our everyday life.

Sweet Sneak Studio’s portfolio otherwise offers beautiful gastro photos; if you loved their microplastics project, we also recommend their The Waste Series and The Waste Series #2  photo series, too, once again putting plastic waste in the focus. 

Concept, Art Direction: Sweet Sneak Studio
Photos: Morten Bentzon

Source: Dezeen

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