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Miki Vialetto’s guitar collection expands with a Hungarian tattoo artist’s piece | Grindesign

Full moon, the Grim Reaper and skulls, drawn with details evoking the meticulous lines of Renaissance copper engravings: this description could easily fit one of the tattoos made by Róbert Borbás aka Grindesign, only this time his medium was a musical instrument instead of a human body. The internationally renowned Hungarian tattoo artist expanded Miki Vialetto’s private collection with a custom-painted guitar.

Tattoo artist Róbert Borbás was entrusted with a special commission after the last-year release of his album “10 years of Grindesign”, the preface of which was written by Miki Vialetto. Vialetto, the founding director of the magazine and publishing house Tattoo Life, was also the main organizer of The London Tattoo Convention, an event that went on for 15 years. During his career, he’s gained considerable popularity in the profession, and contributed greatly to the general recognition and promotion of tattooing as a form of art. Being a fan not only of tattoos but also of music, Vialetto has compiled a special private collection that combines his two passions. He asks his favorite tattoo artists to create unique paintings on the pieces of his guitar collection—this is how the Hungarian tattooist Róbert Borbás got a SCHECTER FLYING-V Jeff Loomis signature guitar, which now bears his unadulterated style as a result of several months of creative work.

“Miki gave me complete creative freedom, which made my job a lot easier, because the shape of the guitar is really special (this made it challenging as well). I tried to make sure that my painting follows the shapes of the guitar, and forms a unity with it. As for tattoos, it’s also extremely important to have harmony between the body’s form and the artistic concept,” Róbert said about the design process.

Photo: Attila Saska

Photos: Dávid Bodnár

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