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Mirrors, windows and infinity | Lexová & Smetana

Anyone looking for a truly cool shop window design in Prague nowadays turns to Terezie Lexová and Štěpán Smetana. Recently inspired by reflective surfaces, the duo does not only work with shop window design, furniture design or light installations.

The Czech Designblok festival has been organized around the concept of passion this year, once again showcasing a lot of fresh design projects. The candidates of the design festival’s award also include the Infinite seating furniture designed by Lexová & Smetana

The name of the modular couch is a deliberate reference to infinity: certain parts of it can indeed be varied to infinity both in terms of shape and size, and thus the designers especially recommend it for public spaces, waiting areas, offices and airports. Czech upholstery company Polstrin Design was in charge of the upholstering the furniture, who have been working with the young designers since 2018.

Both graduates of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Terezie Lexová and Štěpán Smetana have been working together since 2018 and built a remarkable portfolio already over this short time. They have designed beautiful shop windows for Czech cosmetics brand Silk Ferries on several occasions, and before Infinite, they raised the attention of the design scene with the groundbreaking mirror collection named Mirror Stage

Mirrors have been in the center of interest of both designers for a long time, and their description about the collection tells a lot about their design attitude, too: “Out of a simple decisions became a challenging project, how to push further a mirror which surround us for every day and find a dignified role, the role of partner, not the servant trapped on the wall. We wanted to liberate the mirror, thanks to the feet let it go into a space where it would give us the opportunity to perceive reality through its colored glass in a different way.”

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