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Mobile recording studio | AudioWow

A small, wireless sound-card transforming our smartphones into professional recording studios. Meet AudioWow!

The majority of smartphones come with extremely advanced camera systems, allowing us to shoot high resolution images or videos easily. This can be very comfortable if you happen to be a photographer. The situation, however, is quite different in the case of built-in microphones – this is what the device called AudioWow attempts to change.

The device is virtually a portable square-shaped external sound-card, capable of transforming our phone into a true mobile recording studio. With its help, we can record music, podcasts, telephone calls or interviews in remarkable quality, and, on top of it all, we can easily convert the recorded audio content into text in an instant.

AudioWow is also complemented by an application, offering various useful functions. The app allows us to control almost anything on the device, for example, we can finetune audio frequency, we can reduce background noise or turn down the vocals on existing audio tracks to turn our favorite songs into karaoke-ready tracks.

Weighing a mere 15 grams and easily fitting into the palm of our hands, AudioWow can run for 6 hours at full capacity, giving the users enough time to record even a lengthy podcast episode – thus making AudioWow a worthy competitor for its large and expensive peers. 

Source: YankoDesign

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