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MOME Care Packs | Creative pack for the summer holiday

The Creative Pack, the latest package developed by the Social Design Research Group of the Innovation Center at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is here. After those expecting babies and the elderly, this time the focus is on kids between 8 and 12. Let’s see the details!

The MOME Care Packs in Times of Isolation project launched in the spirit of social solidarity debuted in May to provide essential equipment necessary for various situations that are useful in the time of social distancing to people who need some support. The kits containing objects that are easy to procure and special guides can be downloaded digitally and can be compiled by anyone with a little effort.

After the BabyPack and the Comfort Pack, this time the project managers put the focus on elementary school students and the experience of playful learning. 

What does Creative Pack offer help in exactly?

In the time of isolation at home and social distancing, the parents faced severe challenges with entertaining their children of elementary school age and also with the narrowing of physical activities – even though during the summer holiday, spending time at home becomes easier, there is still a need for spending our free time as diversely as possible. The Creative Pack offers an alternative for this scenario. “The MOME Creative Pack offers a possibility for the elementary school age group to connect with offline solutions, tactility, experiences involving depth perception and nature again after digital education, and to do all this in a playful manner” – told us project manager Bori Fehér and researcher-designer Janka Csernák.

The pack contains three games, which help develop fine motor skills, manual skills, spatial thinking and memory. With the help of the MOME A/4 Building game, kids can develop their creative building skills, the A/4 Memory game lets them improve their biological knowledge related to animals, while the A/4 Geometric game develops their depth perception and the recognition of three-dimensional shapes. Of course, all equipment necessary for manufacturing the games is available in the majority of households or can be procured easily.

 “The MOME A/4 Building game is a modular structure-building system created out of paper tubes and rubber bands. The kids manufacture the elements of the games and the tools necessary for assembly themselves. It was important in the course of design that we use cheap and eco-friendly materials that are accessible to everyone. We hope the kids expand the system with many creative solutions and new elements when playing, thus building their own fantasy world”– added researcher-designer Ákos Lipóczki.

Support the initiative and play with the elementary school aged kids in your environment. You can download the content of the Creative Pack from the website of MOME Care Packs.

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Project manager: Bori Fehér
Designers, researchers: Ákos Lipóczki, Janka Csernák, Angéla Bajzáth, Rita Szerencsés
Graphic design: Janka Csernák and Gábor Réthi
Video: Jakab Erdély
Photos: Jakab Erdély

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