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Mood, functionality and playing with light | Grupa

Functionality, minimalism and aesthetics hidden in the details – the new, deep black lamp collection IGRAM is out now, designed by Croatian design studio Grupa. 

What’s truly peculiar about Grupa design studio is that it functions as a lamp manufactory, which means that in addition to being in charge of design, their designers also participate in every possible phase of manufacturing the product. If we had to summarize their brand identity in only a few words, we would probably go with innovative design, minimalism, functionality and flexibility. In the case of the Grupa lamps, not only sensitive shapes and smart solutions are in the center of attention, but the conscious design of the atmosphere, too.

“Light affects people in numerous ways. We don’t just design how our lamps look and function, we also design how they feel. This is why we approach every segment of a project as a friend that keeps asking “how do you feel”? This is because by designing lighting objects, we design the mood. How it disperses light, how it feels under the fingers, how it bends and stretches, even how it sounds – we question everything. Taman” is an excellent word in our language that means “just right” and it is the perfect answer to all these questions” – the team of Grupa told us.

The studio’s latest IGRAM lamp collection consists of three products: a wall lamp and a floor lamp combined with a table, available in two versions.  The name of the clean and light lamps drawing on basic geometric forms comes from another Croatian word. “Igram” means “to play”, which succinctly encapsulates the essence of the collection. The IGRAM collection is, in effect, playing with functionality and our well-being: owing to their particular design elements, the lamps allow for controlling the direction of light and brightness of the lamp, thus we can create mood lighting or a brighter, stronger light depending on what we want to do at the moment. If all this weren’t enough, to further intensify the experience, the multifunctional piece of furniture combining a table and a lamp is also available with a hand-made, black wooden or ceramic glazed table top.

Owing to their elaborate yet extraordinary shapes, we can imagine the IGRAM lamps in various interiors: next to an armchair in the corner of our living room, in our bedroom or even in the reception area of a hotel. The silhouette of the lamps could also bring a suprematist artwork to one’s mind, so it may be a perfect choice for art lovers, too.

If you are a big fan of lamps and lighting, make sure you visit Grupa studio’s website!

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