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Mouth-watering winter breakfast packaged by Halisten | Hester’s Life

The deliciously healthy content of the special edition packs was provided by Eszter Porkoláb, one of the founders and the dietitian of the company, while Halisten Studio took care of the unique packaging design this year.

There are several keys to Hester’s Life’s success. One of the most important is perhaps the fact that their gluten-free granola made with no added sugar offers a real alternative for those looking to enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast. Another key will certainly be the design of the packs this year: Dávid Kráml, the co-founder and art director of the Veszprém-based business invited Halisten Studio to design the packaging of this special winter collection.

The result speaks – or rather tells a story – for itself, by bringing back the feeling of eating our favorite breakfast while watching cartoons on the TV back when we were kids.

Check out the special flavors here: hesterslife.com

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