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Nagykép a gasztronómiáról | Piqniq Budapest

Piqniq Budapest launches its first online campaign with the title Tanulj, fejlődj! – Nagykép a gasztronómiáról (Learn and improve! – Big picture of gastronomy). The players of Hungarian gastronomy will be introducing in the framework of the initiative realized with the collaboration of Mastercard with the involvement of almost a hundred experts and through 25 topics: hospitality workers, suppliers, service providers and the representatives of many other professions related to the sector.

What is the future of the almost 52,000 businesses concerned by hospitality and the thousands of related companies? What will happen to our favorite restaurants, cafés and street food places in this period challenging for both guests and entrepreneurs? How did they come over the challenges of the epidemic? What new ideas and solutions could come to light under such great pressure?

In the course of the 3-month campaign, Piqniq Budapest will be looking to answer questions like these, with the primary goal of sharing knowledge and experiences. The campaign will introduce the everyday life of gastronomy businesses from several aspects, with colorful content, how the successful players of the given sectors tackle everyday challenges as well as the solutions that could serve as inspiration for others, too.

The campaign presents the network of those working in the sector and their connections, by placing a great emphasis on the ordinary people standing behind the given businesses. It offers an insight into the processes taking place behind the scenes of restaurants and cafés, the everyday life of food delivery persons, into the life of female entrepreneurs and the work of those producing the ingredients. Piqniq Budapest will introduce the diversity of Hungarian gastronomy businesses every week through new topics, from 25 different angles. It will also feature especially relevant subjects like gastro digitization, the new generation of agriculture, the meat-free trend, sustainability and social responsibility.

“This year was particularly challenging for all of us, but the hospitality industry was hit extremely hard by the epidemic. This is why it is good to see how many people responded to the crisis with innovation and progressive thinking in Hungary. We believe that the businesses that focused their attention on the guests and the changed needs brought by this year instead of themselves will not only be able to survive, but also to take a step forward.  As committed supporters of innovation, it was only natural for us that we would stand by an initiative introducing these places and people, thus also motivating the players of the market” – said Endre Eölyüs, Country Manager for Hungary and Slovenia at MasterCard.

The participants of the initiative include, amongst others, Salt, Freyja, Artizán Bakery, Róma eatery, Eisberg, Élő Bolygó, Netpincér, Wolt, Kifli.hu and Édes Város. In addition to the businesses, renowned sectoral experts will share their insights during the three months of the campaign including coffee expert Sándor Tóth, Zhao Zhou tea house founder Gábor Tálos, premium branding expert Zsolt Unger as well as gastro psychologist Attila Forgács.

Zsolt Unger

“We need to put tools to use that are normally not necessary for the operation of a good restaurant” – Zsolt Unger, premium branding expert at Unger and Partners

“There is no hospitality without seeing the human in the other” – Gábor Tálos, Zhao Zhou tea house

Piqniq Budapest connects the entities of gastronomy as an open community; its aim is to support the businesses, experts and interested parties related to the sector through knowledge and information-sharing for a positive change. Their events will give room for development, learning and community building. 

Kata Bánhalmi, the co-founder of Piqniq Budapest

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Photos: Dávid Horpáczi
Videos: Gergő Sepsi

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