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Natural all the way | Sejribizli bistro, Budapest

Budapest’s first zero waste bistro, Sejribizli opened under the leafy trees of Falk Miksa utca, where naturalness is key in every aspect.

Even though it was only opened a week ago, Sejribizli seems like it has been a part of Falk Miksa utca forever. Based on the atmosphere of the tiny restaurant and wine bar, one might think they are in a tried-and-true place with many regulars. This is, on the one hand, owing to the local artisan and recycled furnishing of the place, and to the persona of the founders, on the other hand, who, even though only opened their place just now, have been contemplating the idea for long.

Sejribizli was founded by two married couples, who are also friends: Borbála Tarr and István Fábri as well as Nusi Mohácsi and Bálint Kincses, together with Bálint’s mother, Anna Pavlov. Bálint and Anna have been running restaurant Café Zsivágó for more than ten years, and so they are quite experienced in the field of hospitality. Nusi is an expert of sustainable design: within her own brand, she designs products and holds workshops and talks related to zero waste living. Bori and István have been working with zero waste food delivery and wanted to take the next step by opening their own place. Therefore, there was a lot of overlapping between the ideas, and so when the opportunity of realizing their own place came, they started it together.

The dishes offered by Sejribizli, inspired greatly by the travels of the founders in Asia and Australia as well as traditional Hungarian cuisine can be tasted during lunch hours. In the evenings, the wine bar atmosphere comes to life with an impressive rum and bio wine selection, with quiches and cheese platters. The menu is fundamentally built on seasonal vegetables, but they also place a great emphasis on making sure everyone can find something of their liking there. They don’t want to force anyone to eat in a meatless or zero waste manner: at the same time they provide guidance gently to those who’d like to change their habits.

The zero waste philosophy is realized in many ways. They do home deliveries with an electric cargo bike, and pack their dishes into glass containers. They don’t use disposable paper towels either in the kitchen or the guest area, and soon they will also incorporate composting into the kitchen. One thing you don’t have to be afraid of in Sejribizli is extremities: naturalness not only characterizes their kitchen, but the team’s attitude, too, resulting in a very loveable place.

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Photos: Milán Rácmolnár | Web | Behance | Facebook Instagram

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