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Natural beauty | SOFI Belgrade

Designed by local architecture studio Studio Autori, the interior of SOFI natural cosmetics store in Belgrade emphasizes the beauty inherent in flaws.

The Belgrade store of Serbian natural cosmetics company SOFI is a vivid manifestation of the brand’s philosophy: the same as in the case of their products, the interior focuses more on raw naturalness and uniqueness, rather then perfection.

The brand has worked together with Belgrade-based architecture studio Studio Autori since 2016. Their first collaboration proved to be so popular that they gave a free hand to the designers also in the case of designing their latest store in Belgrade on 30 square meters. It was the right thing to do, as the possibility of experimenting fully freed the creativity of the architects: as they say, “working on this project has been a healing experience”.

The most dominant elements of the interior, on which the entire atmosphere is built, are the blocks of raw marble. These blocks of maljat marble from Croatia and Montenegro were scrapped in a local mine, after declared flawed. However, Studio Autori considered them perfect for the store of SOFI, and they couldn’t be more right.

The raw elements of unique shape determined the design of the shelves and the counter, too. The designers were also in charge of lighting, including the SOFI sign on the wall, which rather functions as a light installation than as a brand name or lamp element.

All this results in a humble, harmonious yet very characteristic overall image. As it offered a healing experience for the designers, it is possible the store will provide the same feeling to visitors, too.

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