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One wine, one story | Bortársaság

What’s the story that wouldn’t be a defining part of your life without a glass of wine? This is the question Bortársaság asked from 14 inspiring figures, and now they share the stories in a novel and creative form.

Being able to connect with each other is more important than ever these days, and honest, no-frills initiatives like the joint campaign of Bortársaság and Socially can contribute to this greatly. And if you think about it, wine, too.

“We could say that a good wine without a story is like a good story without wine. Every wine itself is a story enclosed in a bottle, starting at the grapevine and ending in our glass, but how do we choose them? Do we choose a wine for the moment, or does the wine make the moment a lasting memory?” – asked the campaign, and respondents include Anna Ott and Angéla Eke, both dominant figures of the Hungarian cultural scene (and also regular customers of Bortársaság), as well as restaurant owners Gábor Kereszty (Két Szerecsen, Bartók, Goodbar, Szépilona Bisztró), Ahn Tuan (Sao, Qui and Khan) and Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter (KIOSK, Babel, Piazza Budapest), amongst others. The stories are shared on Facebook, and are accompanied by creative materials building on authenticity, including photos by Márton Kecskés.

Source: press release

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