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Ordinary oddities | Czechia zine

Charles Baudelaire called the figure wandering in the modern big city a flâneur: he is the city dweller who always walks with his eyes open, experiences the things around him and feels at home amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. He connects with the world around him in a peculiar way, allowing the city to drift while constantly forming an opinion and capturing the moment. The photographs of the Czech Petr Bláha and Filip Slivka are just as if we were looking through the lens of a flâneur at the strange details of the Czech streets.

Initially, the creators only captured the absurd scenes that surrounded them every day. In the end, they completely fell in love with these seemingly ridiculous yet charming situations that bring color to the greyness of everyday life. The images were made into a zine, named after the officially accepted English abbreviation of the Czech Republic a few years ago. Czechia is an ongoing project for them, because if one has an open eye, such situations are endless.

Petr Bláha | Web | Instagram
Filip Slivka | Web | Instagram

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