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Pasta shell or lemon squeezer?

Long or thin, spiral or bow-shaped – one thing’s sure: there are very many different sizes and shapes of pasta all around the world. We recommend this new kitchen utensil for the fans of cooking and baking. Here comes the new Conchiglie lemon squeezer!

As also suggested by its name, the Conchiglie lemon squeezer recalls the shape of Conchiglie, also known as pasta shells. Owing to its peculiar shape, the yellow utensil made of silicone facilitates the process of lemon squeezing without leaving your hands all lemony. With the small filter at the bottom of the shell, the squeezer also strains the seeds preventing them from getting in your food. Half the lemon, slip it into the device and squeeze it. It’s as simple as that!  

If you love Italian cuisine and pasta, check out this site, where you can get various kitchen gadgets, such as the Penneli garlic peeler or the Spaghetti pasta spoon, to only mention a few.

You can order your own Conchiglie lemon squeezer here.

Source: Monkey Business

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