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Photographing buildings as a way of self-expression | Kamil Philipiak

Rigid, sharp concrete structures in contrast with the soft, serene sky. We can explore the details of Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw, Gdańsk or Barcelona, amongst others, on the photos of Polish-born Kamil Philipiak in a new, pastel, dream-like perspective. Let’s see the details!

Kamil Philipiak studies psychology at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He has been intrigued by photography and architecture for a long time: “I have always been drawn to photography and architecture. Ever since I can remember, I have been admiring buildings and their beauty, and I took photos of literally everything. Later on I decided to combine these two passions of mine, and I created my own Instagram profile. I started pursuing building photography a few years ago professionally, when I had more time to travel across Poland and even visit some foreign cities from time to time. Capturing buildings allows me to express my own perception of the world and to call attention to the beauty of the city we sometimes tend to forget”  Kamil told us.

His works feature Brutalist and Socialist-Modernist buildings, and he puts the rigidity of the built environment in contrast with the ease of nature. Kamil aims to resolve preconceptions against Brutalist buildings with his unique visual world, calling attention to their beauty. “I have always described my photos as dream-like architecture or pastel fantasy – I love both expressions very much, because they grab the essence of my visual world perfectly. I like to use pastel, warm and serene colors, which have a dream-like vibe to them. I work with different compositions in each of my works, so I make close-ups and wide-angle photos, too, which also feature the human silhouettes walking by the buildings sometimes”– Kamil summed up.

According to his plans, we’ll be able to explore the buildings of Berlin, Amsterdam, Manchester, Glasgow, Prague and Budapest in the near future. Until then, make sure you follow his works on Instagram!

Kamil Philipiak | Instagram

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