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Poland’s regions on a poster series | Katarzyna Nowakowska

Hilly landscapes, waterfalls and great plains, protected species of flora and fauna, deer, bison, wolves and brown bears – the list goes on. Come and meet Poland’s iconic and fantastic landscapes through the illustrations of Katarzyna Nowakowska.

Katarzyna Nowakowska learnt graphics in the city of Poznań, and has been drawing various illustrations since she was little, but only started to dive deep into the profession a year ago. She recently established her own studio, which she named Toucan Design after the colorful bird with a beak showing the colors of the rainbow, to pay homage to her love and admiration for nature.

“Nature inspires me every day, I love exploring the world surrounding me. The various colors, textures and details of nature are portrayed in minimalistic and clean shapes and pastel tones in my illustrations”– explained Katarzyna.

The poster series created for Poster Polytechnic portrays eight iconic Polish landscapes: Bieszczady MountainsKarkonosze, the TatrasKujawyMazowsze, the planes of Mazury, the forest of Puszcza Notecka and the region of Podlasie on the north-eastern part of the country.

The goal is to present the natural heritage as well as the flora and fauna of Poland. The posters of pastel tones, created with a “layered” visual solution display the peculiarities of the landscapes: including the spring snowflake, a protected plant characteristic of the Bieszczady Mountains (many times mistaken for snowdrops or lily-of-the-valley); the abundance of waterfalls in the Karkonosze mountains; Kujawy’s fertile soul or the Vistula river crossing Mazowsze. But one can find characteristic animal species on the postcards, too, including brown bears, herons, cranes or bison.

If you are interested in Katarzyna’s poster series, you can purchase her prints on the website of Poster Polytechnik. The good new is that the series has not come to an end just yet – we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Katarzyna Nowakowska | Behance | Instagram
Poster Polytechnic | Web | Facebook

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  1. Those posters are just amazing! The calmness in the posters, the symbiosis between fauna and flora, wow:)

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