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Pop-art Mickey Mouse on new Swatch collection

Swatch teamed up with Disney and the Keith Haring Foundation to release their latest watch collection, bringing Mickey Mouse to life in the late American artist’s style.

Pop-art and graffiti artist Keith Haring’s influence on pop culture can still be felt up to this day: his bold creative style has attracted many brands both before and after his death, including Absolut Vodka and Uniqlo, amongst many others. It was no different for Swatch either, even though the watch manufacturer also has a history with the artist: Haring designed a limited collection for Swatch in 1986, the pieces of which are still one of the most wanted collector’s items. 20 years after Haring’s death, now the brand brings back his iconic visual language on its watches. Mickey Mouse was a recurring element in the artist’s work, therefore the watches of the collection also feature the iconic cartoon character, of course accompanied by Haring’s trademark bold, vibrant design with bright hues.

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