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Post-corona design: handsfree pedestrian crossing button for traffic poles

Perhaps not even traffic poles will ever be the same again after the pandemic: Australian design studio Forward designed a device that can be pressed by the user’s foot to replace the previous buttons at pedestrian crossings.

Ever since this hygiene-mania going hand in hand with Covid-19 started (even though it’s quite valid), potential new sources of hazard we haven’t even noticed before appeared in our lives. Including the buttons on traffic poles, which we tried to press with our elbows up until now, in the absence of anything better.

Having noticed the discomfort that comes with this act, the team of Australian design studio Forward designed a handsfree button that can be touched (and kicked, gently) to be placed at the bottom of traffic poles in order to minimize the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

The button shaped of a pill is machined out of a single piece of aluminum, with maximum strength and durability being in the focus of design. The button also functions as an indirect source of light, thus promoting safe crossing at night time, too.

Source: designboom

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