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Prestigious award ceremonies on the opening day of Budapest Design Week

In keeping with traditions, Budapest Design Week has started with the ceremonies of the Hungarian Design Awards and Design Management Award for the 17th time this year. This year, the flagship festival of the Hungarian creative industry focuses on circular economy and sustainable design, manifested in many of the innovative solutions of this year’s award-winners using limited materials and energy or renewable resources. 

The winners of the Hungarian Design Award categories include Hungarian projects like the ZigZag modular climbing wall, the Tilt chair, the Illan pendant lamp, the Birosign multifunctional ballpoint pen and LavosBall known as a close relative of Rubik’s Cube. In the category of visual communication, the visual identity of the 2019 FIE fencing world championship won the award.

ZigZag modular climbing wall | Tamás Erdélyi, Bernát Gara and Szabolcs Csepregi
Tilt chair | Dániel Lakos 
Illan pendant lamp | Zsuzsanna Horváth
LavosBall | János Szabolcs
The visual identity of the 2019 FIE fencing world championship | Hunor Kátay, Sebestyén Németh, Szilárd Kovács

The Focus Ex browser extension facilitating digital reading, the Aura adaptive sound system, the Frigo modular refrigerator and the SLÉ sleigh made of plywood were also awarded. The special award of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was awarded to the measuring apparatus AXIS PRO related to vehicle manufacturing. 

Focus Ex browser extension facilitating digital reading | Szabolcs Vatány
Aura adaptive sound system | András Kókai
Frigo modular refrigerator | Márton Kispál
SLÉ plywood sleigh | Ádám Miklósi
AXIS PRO measuring apparatus | Losonczi Innovation Kft. – Remion Design Studio

Plydesign furniture brand won the Design Management Award, and WAMP Design Fair, sustainable bag manufactory YKRA, and Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra Kft. were also recognized at the event. 

Plydesign furniture brand
Wamp Design Fair
YKRA bag manufactory
Pécsi Orgonaépítő Manufaktúra Kft.

Check out the online exhibition of the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award here.

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