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Promised Land

In his art, photographer Lucian Bran living and working in Bucharest often investigates the border between reality and fiction, the line between essence and appearance. This is what he does in his series titled Promised Land, too: the grandiose nature photos covering the walls of panel flats and restaurants invite the viewers to a paradise-like fantasy world. 

The kitsch and yet monumental wallpapers became the object of reverie and contemplative optimism in 80’s Romania. The essence of the concept is that the images are framed by the objects surrounding them, thus emphasizing contrast.

The wall of a bar in Sfântu Gheorghe

Living room in Drumul Tabere, Bucharest

Restaurant in Brașov

Living room in Astra, Brașov
Living room in Pantelimon, Bucharest
Baptism sanctuary in an Adventist Church, Brașov

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