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Próżność Club | Poznan

The aesthetics of the ‘80s and the atmosphere of underground subculture are mixed in this bar in Poznan, established in a building built in 1930. 

What makes a club cultic is a good question: probably a visually attractive interior or one matching current trends does not do the trick. So that we can relax, maybe even become regulars, the walls most talk to us, we must feel that we are part of a community or a subculture. The originators of Próżność Club located in Poznan, Poland managed to create something like this.

Photos: Pion Studio

The Polish Wiercinski Studio was in charge of the interior design, and the aim of lead architect Adam Wiercinski was to preserve the characteristics of the historical space, including the chevron flooring or the ceiling ornamented with stuccos. He replaced the windows with mirrors (no wonder we keep thinking of Nemdebár in Buda – the Ed.), painted a large part of walls navy blue and swamped the space with blue-red neon light.

The only room of the club with natural light is the cocktail room, where they left the walls in their original conditions in part, and put the cherry on top with an impressive granite counter. 

Some of the classically elegant furniture are upholstered with velvet, some with leather. In addition, they also put a great emphasis on lamps and neon installations, which does not come as a surprise given that it’s a club. The icing on the cake is the 130 square meter dance floor, where they decided to keep the original yellow brass chandeliers of the room.

Photos: Pion Studio

Source: yatzer

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