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Reality in a new perspective | László Sebestyén

Three months have passed by without time. Shadows shifting shape depending on the given time of day in your sheltering home served as a compass as to what you should be doing almost exclusively. Only the here, only the now. The horizon narrowed down from wall to wall – you, in the multi-angles of your objects. New focuses in the depth of field of an overly simplistic life.

The same as we do in the little black notebook, photographer László Sebestyén started a clean slate in his everydays, too, during the quarantine. In his series “Quarantine things”, he lines up objects like a book, a coffee capsule, toilet paper and PS controller in addition to the mask, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer which gained a new meaning. He dissects their fresh meanings on the operating table of his camera in painstaking detail. Our everyday reality in a whole new perspective.

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