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Reinterpreted furniture and visual identity | Plydesign

One more reason we should hope tourism will reboot soon: from now on, the visitors of Tourinform offices will find themselves amongst furniture design by Plydesign. Here are the first results of the collaboration, as well as the new visual identity of the design studio.

If tourist offices are, indeed, representing the image of the given region and country, then Hungary will make a much better impression on visitors from now on, as since May 2020, Tourinform offices are gradually filled with the pieces of furniture custom designed by Plydesign for them.

At the request of Tourinform, the designers used the FLAGSHIP armchair as the starting point of product development. Plydesign reinterpreted and elaborated the chair in line with the needs of the users and the space. The piece of furniture was designed by András Kerékgyártó, Plydesign’s Head of Design in 2017, as part of the FLEET collection. The chair is a physical embodiment of the brand’s and designer’s mission., resonating in its shape and design with the contemporary problems of modern life, that is, in this case, sedentary work. 

However, this is not the only news in the life of Plydesign: they recently presented their new visual identity, complemented with a new logo and a new slogan. With the words “We do care”, they allude to the philosophy they have been representing since their establishment in 2014: designing with care and attentiveness as well as sharing knowledge. 

Conveying knowledge plays a lead role in the activity of the company
 – it has been actively participating in helping new academics of the field, fostering Hungarian up-and-coming designers and is committed to participating in roundtable discussions and workshops on design sensitization.

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