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Renewable furniture | Lekka Furniture

Timeless and renewable pieces of furniture made of natural materials: Polish studio Lekka’s new S’ploty collection is out now!

In her pieces, furniture designer Ewelina Lekka places a great emphasis on ecological solutions and the use of natural materials; paying attention the entire lifecycle of objects plays a central part in her concepts. 

Her furniture collection S’ploty was inspired by tradition, local materials and craftsmanship. The pieces of furniture seek to offer an alternative for overconsumption and overproduction. The peculiarity of the timeless and durable furniture set lies in the fact that Ewelina would offer long-term rental in a subscription model, thus if certain parts get worn out, they can also be renovated. The chairs and tables are built up of wicker modules, thus the damaged parts can be replaced easily.

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Source: Mad White

Polish Lekka Furniture is a small family business established by Ewelina Lekka in 2016. The studio renovates Polish furniture made in the fifties, sixties and seventies, thus giving them a new life.

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