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Cultural sites declared by UNESCO as part of our world heritage are restored to their original glory in the form of photo-realistic animated GIFs. Let’s see the details!

The ruins and remains of manmade architecture can be found all over the world, from Greece to Mexico, Italy and Egypt – however, it is not easy to imagine how these sites looked in their original, glorious form. Luckily, London-based creative studio NeoMam decided to reconstruct and restore some iconic ruins forming part of our world heritage in the form of GIFs, thus raising awareness to the danger of them disappearing forever. 

Hatra, Iraq
Leptis Magna, District of Khoms, Libya
Palmyra, Tadmur, Homs Governorate, Syria

The studio selected six sites, with the availability of as much information as possible about the locations and their original looks being an important criterion – the end result was also preceded by a lengthy exploration and research. The GIF series features an ancient ruin city in Iraq, a district in Israel, churches in Libya and the remnants of a building complex in the Micronesian islands, amongst others. According to records, the latter were built between 1200 and 1500 CE, and are completely damaged by nature today.

Portobelo-San Lorenzo Fortifications, Province of Colon, District of Cristobal, Panama
Nan Madol, Temwen Island, Federated States of Micronesia
Jerusalem, Israel

Source, Images: Budget Direct

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