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Sacral group of lamps in the Lutheran Chapel in Kastélydomb

In the Lutheran Chapel handed over in the suburbs of Pestszentimre in 2017, light is the only decorative element – and there’s no need for anything else.

The temples of the Evangelical church have never been characterized by flamboyance and the interior of the Lutheran Chapel in Kastélydomb fits into this tradition perfectly. At the same time, the role of light in sacral spaces is undisputable – to this end, lighting received particular attention in the chapel’s interior design concept, which also won the Master of Light Award in 2019.

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

Dániel Baló and Nóra Szüts responsible for interior design also strived to emphasize the sacred quality of the space with the structure and the use of materials. The V shaped keel line of the roof draws the eyes to the altar and the sky. The designers followed trinity in their choice of material: wood (chairs, gallery) symbolizes direct connection with and reliance on the earth, yellow brass (cross, lamps) represents transition and division between mighty and earthly realms, and sand-blown glass (floating lamps) manifest the ethereal plain, the heavenly quality. The uniform broken-white, structured, waxy lime plaster of the interior highlights the moderate yet special interaction of light even more. 

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

The interior space of the chapel rising towards the sky is lit by fifteen light strings hanged from the ceiling, thus providing a harmonious dim light promoting immersion for the entire height of the building. The unique light strings manufactured by LumoConcept consist of sand-blown glass cylinders and antiqued yellow brass elements. The frame is held together by steel stiffening pipes painted white and hidden in the inside of the lampshades – they seemingly break it to phases, with light as the only connecting link. The integrated LEDs are placed in the bottom and top part of the cylinder-shaped shades, this way the space is illuminated by even diffuse light through the glass lit from two directions. Every bottom shade of each string also gets a direct downward shining third LED. 

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

The minimalist light-oriented interior does not only conform to the traditions of Evangelical churches; it also reflects on the endeavors of contemporary architecture in the same way. 

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

Interior design, lighting concept | Dániel Baló, Nóra Szüts 
Technical construction, unique manufacturing | LumoConcept: András Jánosi, István Dobrovitz
Lead architect designer | András Krizsán DLA MODUM Építésziroda Kft. 

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