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Sitting safely

A simple yet great Dutch idea could resolve the issue of having conversations outdoors, which has become a bit problematic lately.

Written by: Márk Szolomayer

Dubbed CoronaCrisisKruk, the portable social-distancing bench cannot only be used in parks. Due to its easy portability, you can take it with yourself and use it practically anywhere, while remaining safe. This is the main goal of the bench: it strives to make social distancing something other than an awkward and unpleasant experience. Sitting, talking and even playing can actually be fun on this bench.

In light of all this, it’s hardly surprising that the designs of Object Studio have been shortlisted at this year’s Dezeen Awards. It is implemented in the simplest possible way, and that’s what makes it beautiful. We can sit down at the two ends of the bench, and the two chairs are connected with a 1.5 meters long beam, with a ruler-style measuring line on one side: proving that we are at the right distance from each other. Users can decorate the other side with anything they like, starting from the name of the owner to funny quotes.

When designing the object, designer Björn van den Broek examined the visitors of his favorite park and in particular how they tried to adapt to the new situation, with more or less success. He saw this struggle in his own uncertainties, as well.

What’s more, the company generously decided to share their development with the world, thus they will send the designs to anyone – allowing people all over the world to create their own “Pandemic Benches” at home.

Source: Dezeen

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