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Special open-air cinemas | TOP 5

Of the family or friends activities on summer evenings, watching an outdoor movie is perhaps one of the coziest ways to spend time. Our selection today includes five special open-air cinemas, in which, in addition to movies, the venues are also captivating.

Manifesto Market | Prague, Czech Republic

The Manifesto Market in Prague, in addition to becoming an open-air cinema and concert venue with a perfect atmosphere in summer, attracts guests all year with its own branded drink specialties and amazing food.

Várkert Cinema | Budapest, Hungary

Located at the foot of the Buda Castle, the Várkert Cinema enchants with a special movie offer and a fairytale venue, and after watching a movie, you can also admire the evening panorama.

Photos: Várkert Bazár

Plac Zabaw | Warsaw, Poland

Located on the banks of the Vistula, Plac Zabaw is an intimate haven for Warsaw’s summer evenings. Surrounded by trees, the grove is home to concerts and film screenings.

Photos: Plac Zabaw

Ljubjanksi Grad | Ljubljana, Slovenia

There is a spectacular venue for grandiose movies: the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle turns into an open-air cinema every summer, where a royal selection of food and drink also helps to relax.

Photos: kinodvor.org

Kasárna Karlin | Prague, Czech Republic

Today’s list closes with a venue also located in Prague. Kasárna Karlin is a result of a special cultural mission: from an old military barrack, an enthusiastic team created a cultural oasis in a few years, where concerts, film screenings and theater performances alternate regularly. The icing on the cake is that there are an excellent café and several galleries in the barracks.

Photos: kasarnakarlin.cz

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