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Statuesque guest house in the back of the garden

Anyone would be the guest of a host like this, for sure: the owner of a house in Ghent built a separate installation-like cabin at the back of his garden for his guests, with the help of one of the coolest Belgian architecture studios.

Make them remember their stay forever – this was all the instruction Dries Vens and Maarten Vanbelle, the architects of Atelier Vens Vanbelle received from their client, a film producer, who commissioned them to design a guesthouse. In the course of their work together, the designers let their fantasy run wild indeed, and created a statuesque structure of an unconventional shape.

In spite of the extravagant form, the cabin is surprisingly harmonious. In the course of the design, they handled the project as if they were working on a single piece of furniture, this is what gives its coherence. The structure was built of LVL laminated veneer lumber, and while it was clad in profiled Corten steel on the outside, on the inside, it is lined in timber from floor to ceiling. 

The experience is provided by the cave-like sleeping corner, the second-floor balcony overlooking the garden and of course the in-house cinema room – which means that the structure has most probably reached its goal.

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