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Stepping stone for young designers | Terike from Budapest

Freshly graduated talented designers, limited local opportunities, strong global competition: Terike from Budapest was brought to life by the realization of the Hungarian reality. The Instagram profile allows young designers to introduce themselves to a broader audience, and in only two months, more than a thousand people joined its community.

The same way grassroots initiatives started to spread in the contemporary art scene, those creating on the field of design also realized that if there’s no other way, then they themselves have to ensure their own visibility.

Emma Istvánffy and Valentin Szarvas launched the Terike from Budapest Instagram account in June 2020 as an independent platform collecting Hungarian design undergraduate and freshly graduated designers who are active after obtaining their degrees, too. The goal is for both the professionals and those interested in design to see their works, and for networking to start.

Emma and Valentin both started to work on more serious projects in the past few years. Emma studies at the University of Westminster in London, she has already worked on projects with Fenty, she has been an intern at Molly Godard, and participated on London Fashion Week several times. Valentin completed the Textile Design BA program of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest in 2019, and showcased his collection at BCEFW Young Talents show already in the year of his graduation.

Both of them see that it is hard to get jobs in the profession: there isn’t enough companies, it’s hard to get into the circulation and there are also not too many paid internships available. If someone was to launch their own brand as an entry level designer, they must calculate with significant costs. Starting is not smooth abroad either, but they believe that the profession is somewhat more inclusive and open towards the works of young, motivated designers.

They wish to change the situation in Hungary with their project, offering an opportunity for Hungarian designers educated here in Hungary or abroad to introduce themselves. They strive to post the materials submitted to them based on the most objective selection criteria possible. They think inclusively: the projects include menswear, knitwear, accessories and jewelry design collections too.

The primary goal is to reach young designers and get to know them, as they form the basis of the entire project. In addition, we place just as much emphasis on engaging the players of the profession: including magazine editors, stylists, hairdressers, make up artists, models and agencies. At the same time, this platform is also for those interested in design and open towards the works of young designersthey say.

So far, it seems Terike is slowly starting to make good on her promises: there are already photoshoots and collaborations being organized through the platform.

“We have been contacted by a model agency who said they wanted to use the clothes of the designers displayed on Terike at the photoshoots organized by them, which is a fantastic opportunity, as the designers will be able to use the photos taken there freely afterwards.”

And what’s behind their choice of name?

“We choose the name Terike from Budapest because it has happened to us many times that our environment referred to us as a seamstress, which is partly true, as we have to be proficient in sewing as designers, but these are two completely different professions” – the designers explain.

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