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Stunning Hungarian castle fully restored | Botaniq Castle of Tura

After renovation works of almost 15 years, Schossberger Castle in Tura shines in its former glory once again. The building evoking the castles along the Loire in France was renovated in the framework of a complete monument reconstruction project and will continue to live as a luxury hotel under the name  Botaniq Castle of Tura.

The Schossberger Castle in Tura was built in 1883 in neo-Renaissance style, as the hunting castle of Baron Sigmund Schossberger. The most advanced technologies and methods were applied during its construction, however, the once flourishing and modern building ended up in a very poor condition over the past few decades. They started its renovation in the very last minute in 2005: the structures of the building exposed to continuous dampness were endangered by fungal problems, its walls were threatened by water damage while the chimney was close to collapsing.

The former baronial residence was renovated in three phases. A great advantage of the project implemented by BDPST Group is the thorough background work preceding the reconstruction, also needed for restoration. As a result, we now have a comprehensive image on the history of the castle, filling a major gap in art history and history.

In addition to the structural reconstruction and restoration, the new function of the castle – 19-room luxury hotel with various impressive event venues – also required the installation of modern facilities and comfort solutions. They strived for authenticity in the case of these features, too, and so they were adjusted to the original structure, arrangement and atmosphere of the castle with subtle changes, in a discrete manner.

The restoration also included the planning and replanting of the park giving home to ancient trees on ten and a half hectares, as well as restoring the historical walking paths. The favorite of guests will most likely be the open pool with a view to the palm house, which lies in the middle of evergreen walls and a terrace with aquatic plants, true to the castle’s new name.

Architecture: TSPC Kft. and BSE Plan
Lead architect: Mihály Kádár
Project manager architect: Zoltán Parai, Adrienn Libárdi
Client: BDPST Group
Photos: Norbert Juhász, commissioned by TSPC

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