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Surreal microworld | Tiny Wasteland

Rowing in the sink, hanging out on a lemon wedge or a trip at the root of a broccoli: Hungarian food photographer Péter Csákvári holds a mocking mirror to the world with his surreal, bold and miniature universe. 

The story of Péter Csákvári’s photographs infused with black humor started back in 2016, when he was living on an island call Herm, not far from the coasts of Normandy. “At that time I was still working as a chef, but I was already preparing for coming home and continuing as a food photographer. I also purchased a macro objective and a massive camera for this. Until I could learn the tips and tricks of food photography, I was curious to see what could be created with the help of the macro lens. And then once while shopping, I wandered into a model store, where I found some figurines manufactured for train sets. I put a few blueberries next to them on a wooded area of the island on a mossy rock– this is how the first shot was made. I was fascinated by seeing the miniature world coming to life, and I decided I wanted to take more photos of the kind“ – Péter told us.

Initially the focus was on the relationship and interaction between the objects and the figurines, but later on he also laid a greater emphasis on the environment of the objects. He mainly displays the moments of his everydays in a miniature form. “As if my memories went down to have a beer in the »rabbit hole«” – he added.

His unique mini worlds became popular very quickly and have taken on a life of their own by now. His photos have been displayed everywhere from British Daily mail through Bored Panda to the platforms of the New York Post, and one of the shots also won the third prize of the Sony World Photo Awards. The audience could also see the Tiny Wasteland at many exhibitions, including Budapest Spring Festival or at Beijing Art Center in the framework of 3CM festival.

The good news is that soon we’ll also get to see Péter Csákvári’s miniature world in a brand new form: a Tiny Wasteland cookbook is on its way, intended to be a memoir, a photo album and a gastronomy experience at the same time. 

Go and follow the project’s own account, awaiting those interested with new, exciting and humorous photos!

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