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Surreal spaces | Andrea Koporova

Neon-like, soft tones, human figures in unusual positions, and staged compositions combined with a surrealist atmosphere. The photographs of Slovakian-born Andrea Koporova are as if we were looking at the world from a kaleidoscope.

Andrea Koporova learnt the basics of photography and established her characteristic visual world on her own, in an autodidact manner. According to the artist, she found the passion of photography completely randomly: “I have been attracted to creative activities since my childhood, but I found photography purely by accident. Once a friend of mine handed me acamera, and I couldn’t put it down ever since. I like to capture everything; I started out with nature photography, but now photographing people and portrait photography are the most exciting genres for me”  – Andrea explained.

Even though her interest in photography came randomly, she plans every little detail of her shots. Her photos are dominated by scenes staged with finely elaborated geometric and minimalist aesthetic, combining soft pastel tones with vibrant colors, as well as simple and clean shapes with surreal effects. The effect of reflection and symmetric compositions create a novel, utopian and yet melancholic world.

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