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Sustainable workstations afloat on the Vistula

Polish designer Agnieszka Białek dreamed up a coworking office that would float on water in the heart of Krakow.

The workstation was inspired by the structure of water lilies, whose shape is reminiscent of interconnected cells. The units attached to the riverbed can be modified to better adapt to the natural environment as well as to the river’s flow. Its oval “cells” are suitable for individual work and meetings as well and would be available according to an hourly booking system.

The designer came up with the idea for the project when she walked along the river during the lockdown: she was thinking about how to use the city’s natural spaces in a sustainable way—so the concept focuses on sustainability as the workstation would be created using a 3D printer and waterproof, recyclable materials.

Agnieszka Białek | Behance

Source: The Calvert Journal

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