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Tap water is cool! | PHIL, the urban bottle

Budapest also has its own PHIL bottle, finally! The good news reached us a couple of days earlier, and our hearts immediately skipped a beat when we first laid eyes on the minimalist flask. After New York, Berlin, Milan and many other metropolises, finally Budapest can meet PHIL, too!

We already came across the PHIL bottle a few years back, but we never even dreamt that once we will see the name of the Hungarian capital and the list of drinking water sources on the side of the bottle. The 100% biodegradable bottle of half liter volume, free from BPA and industrial chemicals, and closing with an aluminum cap is manufactured by the Italian Palomar, who have loads of other things to offer when it comes to cool design stuff. Scrolling through their website, it was not only PHIL that stole our hearts, but the CityRadio (similar in its form, but having a completely different function) and the Crumpled City map that can be crumpled into a ball also made their way to our “must have” bucket list in just a minute.

It is interesting that the 24Bottles we are so fond of are also manufactured by an Italian company. However, while 24Bottles markets its products with diverse patterns, Palomar rather targets minimalism-fans, not to mention the fact that in the case of the latter, we will also be informed as to the whereabouts of drinking water sources. We could also imagine one more twist to the story, for example, if the drinking fountains were also added to the list displayed on the bottle.

The PHIL bottle with Budapest sign was brought to us by Bomo Art: you can already order the super cool bottle in their online store!

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