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The best for the smallest, too! | Egreš

Nature, graphic design, illustration – these three buzzwords describe the everydays of Egreš the best. Fantastic books are published by the independent book publishing company with the cooperation of remarkable illustrators, in Bratislava. 

Qualified social pedagogist Zuzana Mitošinková launched Egreš in 2014. Zuzana completed her professional internship at BIBIANA in Bratislava: the time spent at the cultural institute focusing on the artistic education of kids and young adults inspired her to launch her own business. Egreš started off as a civil organization, and it keeps operating as such today – the aim of the independent book publisher and studio is to provide visually exciting publications to the smallest. 

They started publishing their own magazine already in the very first year. The paper intended for kids and rich in illustrations could be implemented with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign, and the first issue was followed by two others in the next year. As of 2016, they publish the magazine online. Amongst their first publications, we must mention „Cesta domov” („On the way home”) telling the adventures of a little penguin, as well as the bestselling „Greta”storybooks – the latter tells the story of a singing whale, who loses her voice due to the waste piling up in the ocean (the book was also published in Hungarian, you can go and grab a copy in the online store of Pagony).

They use paper produced by responsible manufactories for their publications in all cases, and they also use recycled paper on some occasions. But it’s not just the carrier they don’t compromise on: they look for the best graphic designers and illustrators to create an exciting, colorful and tasteful visual world to match the content. Most of the time they work with Slovakian artists, but sometimes they also invite foreign designers to draw the illustrations of a book. 

Barcelona-based Polish artist Susie Hammer illustrated two books for Egreš: the publications titled „V záhrade” („In the garden”) and „Stratený šál” („The lost scarf”) (graphic design was done by Michal Tornyai in the case of the former, and by Ondrej Jób in the case of the latter). Ilona Polanski, a member of the Czech duo Tomski & Polanski known for their unique prints have also worked for Egreš – she created the drawings of the storybook „Na kraji lesa” („At the edge of the forest”).

Egreš’ repertoire primarily offers kids’ literature, but you can also find limited edition postcards, posters and other accessories in their selection – all of them putting sensitizing the children, conscious education and playful learning into focus. Many times, there is an interplay between the objects: our personal favorites is the garden collection of Slovakian kids clothing brandMile inspired by the „V záhrade” book. Each and every product is a result of careful planning, and the team of Egreš itself is the best guarantee for that.

Photos: Zuzana Gavulová

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