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The best shoe brands in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

They are there in important moments of our lives, our faithful companions on our short and long journeys, considered by many to be the most important additions to our appearance. Shoe fans, attention, because they will be the main characters of our selection today! We present brands from Eastern Europe that are worth paying attention to because they focus not only on aesthetics, but also on the process of conscious and quality manufacturing. 

te.shoes | Kyiv, Ukraine

The Kyiv brand was founded in 2014, and since then, they have been making quality and unique shoes. They offer many colors and shapes to choose from. Mary Jane-style charming booties, moccasins and bolder boots can also be found in their webshop.

MIRET | Croatia

The brand is the mission and passion of two Croatian brothers: their goal is to make the shoemaking process in the most sustainable way possible. Various plants are used for the shoes: hemp, kenaf, corn, jute, eucalyptus, gum wood and New Zealand wool. 

Photos: MIRET

PÁR | Prague, Czech Republic

The new Czech shoe brand is the child of Jan Kloss and Darina Zavadilová. Moccasin-like shoes also carry the characteristics of dynamic sports shoes, creating a new silhouette. All parts of the otherwise unisex footwear are functional, they do not include extra padding or stiffening for a minimalist look. 

Photos: PÁR

Novesta | Slovakia

Their footwear made of natural materials no longer needs to be introduced to many, as the brand is successful not only in Slovakia. Novesta sneakers have been made in Slovakia since the 1930s from natural rubber, pure cotton and linen, and the silhouette is perfectly timeless.

M-ishka | Belgrade, Serbia

The brand is inspired by the feelings, thrills and exotic landscapes of travel. They are open to new spaces, which is also reflected in the look of the shoes, yet they celebrate everyday life, so they end up with exciting but sophisticated pieces.

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