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The best thing that can happen to an apple | BudaPrés Cider

The boy from the world of wine, the father of wine enthusiasts, a dedicated team of winemakers, nature and apple: these are the ingredients of the BudaPrés handcrafted cider factory, which makes refreshing drinks from excellent Hungarian ingredients in a gap-filling way.

Operating as a family business, BudaPrés has been the flagship of Hungarian cider culture since 2017. In a variety of flavors, it proves that home-grown apples, combined with the right expertise, produce cider that could also compete with traditional English or French ciders.

Our cider is completely different from the big brands available in Hungary. The first and most important difference is that we make wines not from concentrate but from fresh apples. We don’t add any artificial flavors or a lot of sugar, and we don’t pasteurize, so the flavors stay fresher.

Dániel Haberl (founder)

The ciders are made from one hundred percent high-quality Hungarian apples on the ever-expanding family estate in Etyek. They planned to open their doors to the public in the future.

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