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The best waterfront restaurants in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

There’s no better feeling than sitting by the waterfront on a pleasant summer evening, listening to the waves crash against the pier while snacking. In our selection today, we have collected the unique waterfront restaurants of Eastern Europe, in which gastronomic specialties and exclusive interiors cannot be missed.

Mlýnec Restaurant | Prague, Czech Republic

A contemporary gastronomic experience right under the Charles Bridge: Mlýnec is one of the most elegant restaurants in Prague, mixing traditional Czech flavors combined with special culinary solutions.

Vakvarjú Boathouse Restaurant | Budapest, Hungary

The restaurant offers guests a beautiful panorama of the Danube, a huge terrace and a special menu. An unadulterated waterfront atmosphere prevails in the spacious space where we can organize both business dinners and family lunches.

Barka | Krakow, Poland

In the heart of Kraków, next to the Bernatka footbridge, anchors Barka, one of the most interesting gastronomic venues in the city. A team of experts has created a professionally recognized and trendy venue for culinary experiences, which has grown into one of the most popular places in Krakow and is home to many events in addition to delicious food.

Comunale Café e Cucina | Belgrade, Serbia

Thanks to the Comunale Café e Cucina (café and cuisine), the waterfront in Belgrade has been revitalized, so much so that the place has become one of the main tourist destinations on the banks of the Sava. The main profile of the restaurant is Italian gastronomy, but many other seafood and traditional dishes are also available here.

Inlarg | Constanta, Romania

At the Inlarg restaurant on the Black Sea coast, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the sea and the harbor by listening to the sound of seagulls or bask in the sun’s rays reflected from the water surface. In addition to seafood, you can also choose from the finest wines in Romania.

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