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The cassette player is back!

The team of French we are rewind brings back the eighties. The minimalist, portable cassette player pays homage to the Walkman released in 1979, quite spectacularly.

If you ever thought about what to do with your old cassettes, here’s your solution. French Romain Boudruche and his team we are rewind reached back to a golden oldie, the cassette player, and gave life to its updated, modern version. According to the team, they were greatly inspired by the series “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Stranger Things“, and so it was kind-of self-evident that they would bring back the old cassette player to life, together with the nostalgic feeling accompanying the device.

The new player is a manifestation of everything that made us love and recognize this object: a boxy, squared shape, the familiar buttons and of course the transparent window on the front of the device. However, these are not the features that make the audiovisual experience provided by the player complete: with the rechargeable battery, we can enjoy the music for up to 10 hours, while the built-in Bluetooth function and jack connector allow us to connect the device wirelessly and also directly to the speakers at home. The player made in aluminum comes in orange, blue and grey colors.

It is currently available for pre-order, for only 89 Euros.

Source: designboom.com

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