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The coolest lamps in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Whatever the decorative interior is, without light, a space cannot come to life. Of course, we also need high-quality lighting, making the lamp one of the most important elements of our home. Some people like lamps that are not conspicuous and do their job, others are passionate about striking and extra pieces. But the point is the same: we need them. Meet five designers and studios in Eastern Europe who have reinterpreted the object that gives the room light in their own style.

“/” Slash Lamp | Romania

The final look of the lamp is up to you. The lamp of the ASKIA furniture studio is mainly made of concrete, cork, and with the stone provided in the package, you can experiment with how much you break down the surface, while also determining the intensity of the light of the lamp.

Makhno Studio | Ukraine

The truly distinctive style of the Ukrainian studio often makes ceramics and furniture, and their lamps are so cool and eye-catching that any gaze is immediately drawn to them in any space.

Eclipse | Slovenia

Designed by Tilen Sepič, the lamp is a simple design piece and decoration during the day, and a cozy light source after sunset. Its light effect can be adjusted as you wish by moving the wooden frame back and forth, so the use here is also a personal, creative process.

Drag & Drop | Romania

The Cocoon lamp was born from a three-dimensional marriage of two materials with different behaviors. The stretched textile with 3D printing, together with a thermoplastic polymer decorated with algorithmically created patterns, forms the luminaire. The result of the two substances is a strange, organic form.

Chors | Poland

The Polish Chors pays attention to functional and timeless, classic aesthetics while developing new technological solutions. They work with different designers to achieve a unique end result. The Firefly series is a project of the MIXD studio, combining characteristic aluminum and fine glass spheres into perfectly functioning yet aesthetically pleasing lamps.

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