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The coolest sunglasses in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Fatale, Memento Mori, Pista, Aurora and Amelie—without help, we would keep on guessing what connects the above-mentioned names. We’ll reveal that they are the names of glasses. Good weather is coming, and that’s the perfect reason to show off the coolest sunglasses in Eastern Europe.

OO eyewear | Romania

OO Eyewear glasses meet all functional and visual needs. The glasses were launched by the Romanian Prototip Studio: glasses design is also integral to their main profile, design and architecture. Organic materials and unusual shapes characterize these glasses, which build on the eyepieces of the past. The glasses are made of wood and are made comfortable and secure by an adjustable length strap, so we can wear them for any activity.

Photos: OO eyewear – Medeea Bunea

Nastassia Aleinikava | Czech Republic

Each pair of glasses is a piece of jewelry and every piece of jewelry is a story, says designer Nastassia Aleinikava, whose every story of glasses emphasizes the wearer’s character, endowing them with new feelings. It is no exaggeration to call her design activity poetry: with her accessories, she shows something that would remain invisible to many. The acclaimed and multi-award-winning artist draws inspiration from, among other things, her homeland, the Belarusian landscape and cultural heritage.

Photos: OO Photos: Nastassia Aleinikava

OVVO Optics | Poland

Ovvo Optics has no less than a goal to create the lightest and most durable spectacle frame in the world. After a long search, they decided they would develop the most suitable material for the purpose themselves. The alloy of medical metal and titanium thus created is the result of an engineering masterpiece. The metal alloy, which is also used in space technology, is extremely durable and easy to work with, allowing room for a combination of function and fashion. 

Photos: OVVO Optics

Tishler | Slovenia 

The Tishler manufactory aims to provide the best product to and for the world at the same time. In addition to looks and design, great emphasis is placed on the review of the environmental and social impact of the product during the design process. They make their frames exclusively from wood extracted from sustainable farming. Tishler’s part of social responsibility is not negligible either. The design of the protective cases made of recycled material for the glasses is so simple that even people with disabilities can easily go through the work process. 

Photos: Tishler

Andy Wolf Eyewear | Austria

The founders of the Austrian brand, based in Hartberg, started the production of glasses for a lack of a sense of naturalness, intimacy and familiarity. Except for the acetate from Italy, everything is made in Austria, thus emphasizing the brand’s family-like vibe. Among their special, premium quality spectacle frames, lovers of classic and extravagant shapes will also find the right piece for themselves. 

Photos: Andy Wolf Eyewear

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