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The end of single-use plastic packaging | LEGO

At last, global corporations do not only promote individual responsibility, but are starting to take serious efforts to create a sustainable future, too. From now on, LEGO will phase out the use of single-use plastic bags in the packaging of its products. It’s time for paper! 

The step was initiated by none other than LEGO’s target audience, the children, who bombarded the manufacturer with letters written with the help of their parents, demanding the elimination of the unacceptable packaging protocol. 

According to the recent announcement of the toy manufacturer, they will invest $400 million in making the operation of their factories more sustainable, the results of which will show on the market gradually in the upcoming three years.

“As a company who looks to children as our role models, we are inspired by the millions of kids who have called for more urgent action on climate change.”

Niels B. Christiansen

source: core77

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