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The final days of Adjarian nomads

Photographer Natela Grigalasvili was born and raised in Georgia: she was amongst the first women to became photojournalists in the post-Soviet era. Her projects are always closely linked to herself and her past, and she always chooses lands in the case of which she also has a spiritual connection to the people living there. 

Grigalasvili has been documenting the final days of the nomads living in the region of mountainous Adjara, located in Western Georgia for years now. Many of these people have to seek seasonal work in Turkey, and more and more families leave their villages and move to cities. The mountain huts are emptying out: it is feared that Adjara having a rich culture will vanish without its habitants.

Emine prepares children for the first day of school
Young cowherd on the summer pastures
A horseman heads to the mountains to herd cows
A traditional procession of the newly-engaged during the summer festival
Broli collecting hay
Boy playing by a stream
Returning to the lowlands from the summer pastures
Darejan, mother of five with one of her daughters on the pastures
 21-year old Khatuna is a mother of three. She married at 14, and always moves with her family
Maiko makes coffee for her guests, while her family is at the summer pastures
A family of nomads in front of a traditional Adjarian house
A man returns home at the end of the day
Night on the summer pastures
Makvala gathering vegetables
16-year old Melano helps her family with the harvest
Women make butter by the stream

Source: Lens Culture

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