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The most beautiful cafés in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Great coffees and perfect venues: in our selection of the region’s most beautiful cafés, we’ll show you five of our current favorites that can even inspire you to design your own home coffee sanctuary.

Top-notch minimalism and coffee quality | Mazelab

The founders of Mazelab in Prague set two things in mind: on the one hand, to offer their guests the highest possible quality of coffee and, on the other hand, to provide a place for the coffee experience where everything is about taste. This is how the minimalist guest area and the strict system of rules were born: we do not find wifi here, nor factors that interfere with the taste experience, such as sugar. According to them, this is how a truly smooth coffee drinking can be fully guaranteed.

Breathtaking view with a modern interior | One Love

Located on the sixth floor of the Pinchuk Art Center in downtown Kyiv, One Love Coffee, has become one of the most popular cafés in the Ukrainian capital with its modern design, excellent coffees and stunning views of the Old Town.

Playful professionalism | Místo

The third place on our list is also in Prague. Nothing shows the success of Místo café better than the fact that it has been running with a full house since the opening (until the pandemic). This trend is likely to get back on track in the future as the special furniture and excellent coffee have remained unchanged.

Four in one gastronomic experience | FACH

The FACH café and Bistro is located in the heart of Bratislava. What makes it special is that you will find a restaurant, a drink bar, a café and a bakery in one place here: all in a unified, aesthetic environment and with excellent quality.

Naturalism and quality | Typika

The history of Typika started in the Czech Republic, and their new milestone is their new café, which recently opened in Warsaw. Minimalist, close-to-nature design and maximalist coffee making have proven to be a good combination so far, and we’ll probably see the lovely logo in even more places in the future.

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