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The most beautiful concert halls in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Even though the pandemic has also reshaped music listening habits, we believe it’s hard to find a better music experience than a live concert, especially if we can perceive it in a place where it’s all about the perfect sound experience. In our latest selection, we have brought five concert halls from the region that are not only architecturally but also acoustically at the forefront. A spectacular venue recommendation for all music lovers!

NOSPR | Katowice, Poland

Located in Katowice, NOSPR is not only one of the largest and most beautifully sounding concert halls in the country, but also home to the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Designed by acclaimed Japanese acoustic master Yasuhisa Toyota, the concert space is housed in the heart of a robust building that pays homage to the city’s mining past.

Photos: nospr.org.pl

Kodály Centre | Pécs, Hungary

One of the gems of Pécs is also one of the most beautiful concert halls in Hungary. During the design process of the Kodály Centre, the goal was to create an aesthetic and high-capacity concert hall that acoustically represents the international forefront. This goal was achieved, to the pride of the city and the Hungarian music community.

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Tiroler Festspiele| Erl, Austria

Our next one on the top list is geographically and location-wise an odd one, but we couldn’t leave out the beautiful concert hall hidden in the fabulous Tyrolean village. The modern building complex of the Tiroler Festspiele tastefully blends into the rural landscape, while giving world-class bands an impeccable quality performance opportunity.

Photos: Brigida Gonzales

Müpa | Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s current largest concert hall is located in Budapest, on the bank of the Danube River. In addition to Hungarian orchestras, the Müpa (Palace of Arts) also performs world-famous productions, all in one of the best acoustic halls in the region, with excellent equipment.

Photos: mupa.hu / theatre-architecture.eu

Cankarjev dom | Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Cankarjev dom was built in the eighties, yet its concert halls meet international expectations in terms of acoustics and architecture. This is why the complex still functions as a cultural and concert center of the Slovenian capital.

Photos: cd-cc.si

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