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The sounds of 18 countries in a single device | CityRadio

We had to postpone our traveling plans for some time, and we maintain our global relationships via the web. If you’re fed up with the digital space overloaded with information, switch to “analog” – with the help of Palomar’s CityRadio, for example, allowing you to connect to the various radio stations of the world simply by pressing a button.

Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso must have started designing the device encompassing the entire world with a huge batch of nostalgia. CityRadio resembles early radios mainly in its appearance and user experience: it requires internet connection, available through a specifically developed app to be downloaded by users. By switching the magnetic keys, you can choose your preferred city, you can then browse through the radio stations of the given city, and select and store your favorite radio frequencies with the buttons on the side of the device. CityRadio can also be used as a Bluetooth sound system, thus users can enjoy their own music, too.

The good news is that the CityRadio device is available in Hungary, too, for example in the stores of Bomo Art!

CityRadio | Bomo Art | Palomar

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